Nir Livny


 UX\UI & Marketing Designer


2018    UI    Digital Branding

Medo Human Resources is manpower services company based in Israel.

I designed 'Medo's identity, responsive website, marketing products and more.   

2018    UX   UI    App Design

Find and Share your favorite experience around the world by your location and budget.

2019    UX   UI    App Design

2017    UX   UI    Marketing is the first marketplace for Israelis around the world. Sell, rent and offer your services to Israelis in your city.  


2018    UX\UI       

Responsive web design for SmartRide -

E-scooter. I created the UX\UI Design for awesome shopping experience.

2019    UX   UI    App Design

Fruits delivery mobile app -  Design in the framework of visual and interface design at the Holon Institute of Technology

2018    UI    Re-Branding   

Website design for Ben-Gurion Airport in the framework of visual design and interface design at the Holon Institute of Technology

2018     Marketing

Marketing design for funzing UK & IL campaigns. Advertisement assets and interactive widgets for social media 

campgains and the company mobile app.

2019     Print and Digital

Marketing Design for print and digital- Billboards, advertising signs on buses, design for press releases and digital design for several campaigns sponsored by Google, Facebook and the main campaign for 'madlan'.

2019     Web Design

 I designed her a Responsive personal site for the web and mobile.

2019    UX   UI    App Design

Hotel Hospitality experience

2019     UI\UX   PRODUCT 

Create & share presentations, websites, photo albums & more.